Why Fitzone


There are several good reasons to choose FitZone. All you really need is one. 


Individualized Programming 

Every person in every session will have an INDIVIDUALIZED PLAN to follow during their sessions. 

Personal Attention 

In a setting with only 2-4 people, you get the attention you need without being overwhelmed by a large group format. 


FitZone offers 20 open sessions each week. So if you schedule the morning and something comes up, you can reschedule to the afternoon as long as that time slot isn't full. 


FitZone provides the most personal attention and greatest opportunity to succeed, for the same price or less than traditional private training facilities. 


By working with a knowledgeable fitness professional, your workouts will evolve as you progress to prevent boredom and keep you from hitting a plateau. 


Let's face it: workouts love company. Sharing the workout enhances the experience for participants. 


Having a trainer and others working hard to reach their goals right next to you can push you a little harder than you might do on your own. 


Our community of trainers and participants are there to help you get through the challenges of the workout and obstacles in life. 


There's no time to let your mind wander with tight programming and attentive fitness coaches. 


Research shows that members who are involved in programs are more likely to stick with them. 


When you stick with a well constructed program, you will exceed your expectations and get the results you deserve. 


Yes, fun. The right exercise program done with friends is an exhilarating way to spend your time.