Who We Are

Nick Burgin

Certifications: Associates Degree in Health and Fitness at Cincinnati State.  American College of Sports Medicine (Personal Trainer) and National Academy of Sports Medicine (Corrective Exercise Specialist).

Enjoys Snowboarding, Fishing, Exercise and Hiking.

Specialty: Nick likes to help people conquer their weight challenges with exercise intensities that best fit their fitness level.  He is certified in corrective exercise, so is good with people who suffer from lower back pain, sin splints, planter fasciitis and upper trap pain.

Fitness Tip: Correct form is key to a happy workout

Training Philosophy: It is you against yourself when it comes to fitness. Make goals that fit your needs because we are all different in some way. That is what makes us special. 

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Suzi Wood

Certifications: Certified Personal trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Certified Pastry Chef - Culinary Institute of America and Certified Chef - Midwest Culinary Institute.

Enjoys cooking, hiking, rock climbing and gardening.

Specialty: Suzi specializes in high cardiovascular and weight training combinations in order to help clients reach their peak metabolism while burning fat and toning up. She focuses on proper form and injury prevention while taking clients through circuit style full body workouts that are functional, fun, and effective.

Fitness Tip:  Consistency is key - short term goals lead to long term results.

Training Philosophy:  You only live once - life comes at you fast so push hard daily and be sure to enjoy it.

Cell - 513-509-6845

Nick Kulik

Certifications: B.S in Economics from Syracuse University; Juris Doctor from University of Miami. American Council on Exercise (ACE)

Enjoys Ironman Triathlons; Tennis; Basketball; Cooking

Specialty: Nick specializes in workouts that get the most out your time spent at the gym. He creates high intensity circuit programs that simultaneously builds muscle and sheds excess fat. He works well with anyone that is looking to take on a new challenge at the gym.

Fitness Tip: Constant and Consistent Hydration is a critical factor in exercise success

Training Philosophy: Always be in the moment and enjoy the journey


Sarah Schnieders

Hobbies: Strength training, Food prepping, Shopping, Study dates with friends

Fitness Tip: If you stretch correctly and regularly, you will find that every movement you make becomes easier, and decrease your risk of injury.

Training Philosophy: The body achieves, what the mind believes.

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