What We Do

We Don't Sell Sessions. We Engage Training Programs.


At FitZone, you can choose your own path. Work with your trainer to carve a fitness plan around your goals and exercise preferences, and burn you way to success with one-on-one guidance or group training sessions.

Thinking about testing the waters with a transformation contest? Awesome. Interested in working it for an hour with us each week? Let's make it happen. Want to go die-hard on it and chase results five times a week? Ready when you are. No matter how you want to show up for yourself, showing up is the only thing you need to do.

Let's Do This.

Personal Training


Personal training helps 2-4 work together towards their goals at the same time. There's a fitness syllabus rather than a specific workout each day, that's designed around what YOU need to progress quickly; You'll train in a supportive atmosphere with fellow exercisers on a parallel fitness journey, building camaraderie help push each other to new heights. It'll help you stick to the program too, with a little extra motivation from the people around you. 

Boot Camp


Our large group format is intense, fun, sweaty and loud. Up to 15 participants will be pushed to find a new level of endurance, strength, and overall fitness, in a modern atmosphere with upbeat music. We use the MyZone monitor in our Boot Camp sessions to provide a mixed-ability class, which means that one participant may do 30 pushups to stay in their "zone," while another member may only do 15 for the same personal output.

Private Training


Small group personal training is the "sweet spot" to maintain a fun, interactive fitness experience, while small enough to maintain quality and focus. But, if you want or need 100% personal attention, a one-on-one training session will help ensure that all your needs are met. It's the perfect option for prenatal and postnatal clients, seniors, people who are physically impaired, and those who seek a more intense athletic or body-building approach.

60-Day Challenge


It's tough to overhaul bad habits in 60 days, but this program was designed to help you get started. Through regular participation, measurement days, nutrition seminars and fitness challenges, you'll work to create a baseline of endurance, strength, and healthy eating habits to propel you forward in your fitness journey. Keep up with the community on a dedicated social media group, and earn prizes for being a top point earner in the program.



The MyZone program, available at FitZone, takes fitness tracking to the next level. It's a combination of wearable fitness technology and dynamic exercise programs designed to help you stay in the optimal bio zone for maximum results. MyZone doesn't measure speed, cadence, or weight lifted; it measures the effort you put in. The MZ-3 fitness belt can sync with cardio equipment at the gym, downloadable fitness apps, and bike computers to monitor and record your progress, and displaying your stats on the leaderboard at the facility. https://youtu.be/14iubofNyiA